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Do you want to make yourself more employable as a dive professional and teach more of the things you personally enjoy? Getting on the route to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) may be the key to keeping life interesting and really forging a career for yourself in the dive industry and at Deefer College of Diving we have an extensive list of specialties for you to choose from including a wide variety of environmental and Project AWARE courses to help you on your way to gaining this rating. PADI’s MSDT rating denotes a professional who has shown a commitment to furthering their own education and capabilities as a professional and has a certain level of experience.
At Deefer College of Diving we have a highly experienced team of Instructors who can help you continue your education and mentor you in actually applying all of the theory of teaching you have been learning.
It is a rating that is almost becoming a must in this highly competitive industry and many dive centers now actively seek out instructors with this rating as it makes you a much more versatile employee and with the recent revision of PADI’s Advanced Open Water Course it is now even more relevant than ever.

What other advantages are there of becoming an MSDT?
• Income: Increasing your earning potential over a shorter period of time as most
specialties can be taught in 1-2 days
• Career Development: The MSDT rating is often a prerequisite certification for furthering professional training such as the IDC Staff Instructor course or many of the Tec Instructor ratings.
• Job Satisfaction: Teaching the specialties that you are passionate about and enjoy keeps life interesting for you and as the saying goes “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

To be certified as an MSDT you need to be certified to teach 5 PADI specialties and have issued at least 25 PADI certifications at any level. The recommended option to get your 5 specialty instructor ratings is through our MSDT Prep Program. What are the advantages of doing it this way?:
• You get hands on experience with tips and hints from knowledgeable and experienced staff and really learn the skills involved and how to teach them
• The application process to PADI is less costly
• It is a more streamlined and faster route to gaining the ratings as in most cases only 10 dives are required rather than 20.
• Having a variety of extra courses to teach can also help you issue you 25 certifications more efficiently

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program Carriacou Grenada
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program Carriacou Grenada


Our MSDT Prep program includes everything you need to get certified in your chosen 5 specialty instructor ratings. It is priced at $1540 US Dollars and includes:
• 5 specialty instructor courses
• any student levels certifications required
• all PADI fees (5 specialty instructor applications)
• any required student manuals
• 10 nights in shared accommodation with breakfast and dinner
• option for informal internship
• standard dive equipment rental

Can’t choose just 5 specialties? You can add extra individual specialty instructor classes to your package for just $238 each.

What’s not included:
• travel to and from and around the island. Click here for travel advice.
• lunch and drinks
• any extra day trips etc
specialist equipment that you are required to have by PADI standards as a dive professional
• MSDT application
• Specific equipment depending on your specialty choices, such as camera rental.



In discussion with your instructor trainers we can guide and help you to choose the 5 specialty instructor ratings that interest you (or more should you wish) and will be beneficial to you in the dive industry from our extensive list of specialties available at Deefer College of Diving:
• Deep Diver
• Drift Diver
• Search and Recovery
• Emergency Oxygen Provider
• Digital Underwater Photography
• Wreck Diver
• Underwater Naturalist
• Fish ID
• Equipment
• Night Diver
• AWARE Shark Conservation
• AWARE Dive Against Debris
• Coral Watch

There is some variation within the specialties but in general we will:
• Spend some time in the classroom looking at the standards, structure and theory involved
• Practical sessions which may be on land, in confined water or open water
• How to make your courses fun and interesting
• Role playing as both student and instructor to refine your personal skills and how to teach

At Deefer College of Diving we firmly believe that becoming a good instructor is more than just taking and passing courses and is about taking all of that knowledge and actually putting it into practise so we do offer an informal internship. Only available to people who have taken the MSDT prep program with us, our internship provides the opportunity to work alongside experienced instructors and start teaching, but with someone there giving you reminders, tips and suggestions. This is an optional cost free extra and is dependent on the availability of courses. There may be the opportunity to start getting some certifications but we cannot guarantee this.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program Carriacou Grenada
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program Carriacou Grenada


During our MSDT prep program we will train and certify you in your 5 chosen specialty instructor areas and to enrol on the program you need to meet one of the following:
• Be a current PADI Instructor or,
• Currently enrolled on a PADI IDC or,
• Have successfully completed a PADI IDC within the last 12 months

We do run an informal internship program to get some experience teaching after the MSDT prep and you must be in current teaching status with PADI to take part.



Any required materials specific to your specialty choices are included. You should also already have the specialty instructor manuals from your IDC training.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program Carriacou Grenada


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